Pest Management

The term "pesticide" can be applied to chemicals used to control unwanted insects, plants, mildew, and rodents. When used properly, pesticides can help maintain or improve our quality of life by eliminating pests that carry disease, contaminate food supplies, or supply harborage for other nuisance pests. If improperly used, pesticides can potentially harm human health and the environment.

Proper use of pesticides requires increasingly higher levels of technical knowledge of the pests, the properties, application methods, impact of various pesticides, and a knowledge of alternative methods of control. This section provides two plans critical to every pest management program. In addition, there is an information guide for a portable pad that can be used during pesticide handling operations to contain accidental spillage.

New pest management techniques will be added to this section as they are developed and successfully implemented. For more information on any of the topics in this section, please contact the Department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health or visit our Web site at www.oseh.umich.edu/.



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